Please could you give advice -shall I buy this (my first) (very used) Prada


Jan 2, 2009
Dear ladies,
I would so much appreciate your help and advice!
I am new to Prada and was thinking of buying my first bag. Someone offered me to buy (private sale) a snakeskin shoulder Prada bag (I saw it in real life, but cannot provide photos as such...) It looks very old, dirty on the corners, marks on the leather inside, , generally well well worn, like from a charity shop, but lovely quality cream python skin, and I think the bag is authentic- the hardware is beautifully made and detailed, and the leather lining is so soft. There are no scuffs as such, and one hole inside the pocket in the lining (zip caught), but nothing outside except general dirt marks on corners. What do you think - she wants £250 - is it insane if I pay this (the bag is still kind of beautiful, and I cannot afford brand new anyway)? I am absolutely no clue person about Prada really ! What would be a rough guide price for a snakeskin bag in such condition ?
Thank you so much for any opinions. Sadly, no photos, because I do not want to let this person know that I am in doubt about her beloved bag! (she is nice person). The bag is about 30 cm long , like a small shoulder type, two handles. Ple-please! :smile::smile:


Jan 27, 2009
I wouldn't buy it in the condition you describe :nogood:
I'm no snob and I have bought "pre-loved" before, but it must be close to mint condition.

Have you looked at retailers like Bluefly? They offer smaller bags on a regular basis and often they are available at just over your budget - it might be worth saving a little longer. As an example I was looking at a new suede Prada hobo yesterday priced at USD$680. They often have (lovely) Prada nylons that will sell for around $500-700.

I'd also encourage you to check out the Deals N Steals forum for coupons like $30 off/free shipping etc. Every little bit helps :smile:

Good luck!


Dec 31, 2007
I agree with shockey. I wouldn't spend good money for something so worn. I would save a little more and buy a brand new one. Prada's sale is coming up soon. You can save a lot shopping the sales. At least you know it is brand new and authentic and you will be the one to break her in;)