Please cast your vote for one of these wallets!


Which wallet?

  1. White MC Cozy

  2. Black MC Cozy

  3. Mono Ludlow

  4. Framboise Ludlow

  5. Pomme D'Amour Ludlow

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi ladies! :smile:

    Ok, I feel a need to set up a poll to decide which wallet I will get in the near future.

    Choices include White MC Cozy, Black MC Cozy, Mono Ludlow, Framboise Ludlow and Pomme D'Amour Ludlow.

    TIA for your votes and input! :flowers: Much appreciated.
  2. White MC Cozy! The colors are soo cute, and it's less worry than Vernis :smile:
  3. I think the black or white multicolor cozy is gorgeous, but my favorite is the black, so I voted for the black!
  4. What bag(s) are you planning to use it with? It would help make a decision!
  5. Hi Syntagma! I'm planning to use either my Mono Speedy 30 or Mono Pochette Accessoires with it.
  6. Frambroise is pretty in pink. Unless you like the red Pommed d'amour. :graucho:
  7. I have nothing vernis.. but for some reason I like the Framboise Ludlow. =)
  8. i voted for the white mc coz white goes with any color.
  9. Great!

    Then I vote for the Pomme d'Amour Ludlow. I prefer the more solid colors with mono canvas and it will look great with Damier if you get a piece in the future!
  10. Frambroise pink
  11. Framboise is really sweet and Pomme D'Amour is really sophisticated! Both are gorgeous I really can't decide... and there's Mono classic.... and Cozy!! Gosh this is so tough!
  12. I like the Pomme d'Amour Ludlow :yes:
  13. I voted for the black cozy:smile:
  14. :yes::yes::yes:;)
  15. framboise vernis ludlow :biggrin: (sorry, don't like the new 'blood' red lol)