Please authenticate this vintage Chanel!

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Nov 13, 2010
I got this purse in 1990 when I was in Sacramento, CA. My ex's mom gave it to me as a wedding gift. They were not well off, though, just upper middle class folks. I totally beat it up, as I was only 19 and had no thought of the future. When we moved 3 years ago, this purse resurfaced. The metallic button says "Victory hook PK 3940. There is a peeling black label above the interior zipper that I think used to say Chanel in gold. Te leather strip in the chain is one continuous peice. I vaguagly remember some sort of card coming with it. It is super soft and has really held up after all these years. The chain is also pretty heavy for it's size. I took 12 pics, but can only upload 5.

I love quality items and would love to beleive it is real. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!
Also, if it is real, where can it be cleaned??


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