Please advise...epi leather or monogram?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been thinking of getting the large Noe bag as a book bag. So the question is...monogram or epi leather? I have found both for very good prices at a local consignment store and was wondering which one I should go for? Thank you in advance!
  2. Monogram will hold out better, but the Epi is more Lux! :biggrin:
  3. I'd go with Mono
  4. epi LEATHER.
  5. Monogram is more durable.
  6. As of now...mono.. =)
  7. I am not keen on the Noe as a book bag because you have to tie/untie it each time and it does not sit flat against the body and the top end of the book would bend (if it is not a hardcover) when tied. It just doesn't look like a book bag at all. :shrugs:

    Initially, the Noe was used to store champagne bottles which are rounded at the bottom and narrow at the top.

    I would recommend a Totally GM, Palermo GM, Cabas Mezzo, or Batignolles Vertical.

    Since you are getting it used at a consignment store, I would recommend a Monogram print if it is still in good condition because the canvas is strong and sturdy. It would make a cute handbag anyway.
  8. Oh, I usually carry 2 bags to school, one backpack and one laptop/book bag. But since the beginning of this year I have some back pains so the doctor advise me to reduce the weight i carry on my backpack and asked for me to carry a separate bag. The noe being able to carry 5 champagne bottles, had caught my eye of being such a sturdy and heavy-duty bag. So I would actually just leave it open to place my laptop, books and other items...and I think the other bags that you recommend are not suitable for me...haha
    Okay thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Epi!
  10. I like epi
  11. Hi balenciaga-boy, since you help me alot in bal forum, here is my 2 cents and hope i can help you :smile:

    i would like get epi better than mono, why epi? it's because of the leather (you know we like leather rite hehehe), also there's no vachetta...

    what color of epi noe that available in your consignment store??
  12. i like leather , so i vote for epi.....
  13. I would go for mono.
  14. I like the Epi. Leather just seems stronger in this case. Good luck!
  15. another vote for epi