playing favorties??

  1. O.K. I'm sure this is posted somewhere else but I was unable to find something soo....

    Which beautiful Kooba do you lovely ladies come back to the most--meaning which one is the best for everyday excursions.....
  2. Sienna
  3. Ditto for me - as you all know :rolleyes:
  4. You have a rainbow of sienna. you should take a pic like that.
  5. SOLD! :p
  6. Sienna for summer. My Ryan tote will get a lot more use in this f/w. My mackenzie clutch? Not really an everyday bag...more of a fun going out bag really.
  7. Up until now, I've been loving all my Lucys. However, since I too have been bitten by the Sienna bug, I'm curious to know if my preferences are going to change too once I get one in my hot little hands!!! :yahoo:
  8. Jessie. The most useful all purpose bag for my life. Comfortable too.
  9. Without a doubt my java Jessie. It's just about the most practical bag I have ever owned, which is why I've bought it in khaki as well.
  10. My Bourbon Jillian! The color goes with so many outfits. Followed closely by the Java Jessie. I used to use my Black Sienna alot more, but I find its a bit heavy on the shoulder.
  11. I was eyeing Jessie as well....I just didn't know if she was big enough for my big honking Coach wallet, big honking hard sunglass case and a sippy cup...which I could just hold as to not mess up the aesthetic of the bag..
    Keep'em coming and Thanks!
  12. I hate to play favorites but it would have to be my Renee. Lightweight, easy to carry, can hold an incredible amount of stuff and looks to be virtually indestructable. I can stuff it and toss it around without a bit of worry. (But then, I have my backup plan...another Renee in the closet.)
  13. I have to go with the older styles....Marcelle and Claudia. I just toss them over my shoulder and go. They stay put, look gorgeous and hold everything!

    Sienna second. I had two (embossed), but sold both. I think when I acquire an unembossed one it's going to start a whole new round of obsession for me and become my next 'most used' bag!
  14. Sienna. I just keep going back to that bag, over and over.
  15. I like my Carla quite a bit. It holds so much stuff and is really lovely. I like the Sienna too but it's actually a little small for my tastes for an everyday bag.