plat v. gold ?

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  1. hey girls, i have a quick question. I was always under the assumption that my engagement ring was gold not platinum because that is what my fiance told me and i ran with that.

    i was just playing around with my ring and on the inside of the band i found a number stamped as well as the words PLATINUM ?

    i know that my other gold jewl. says inside 14kt or 18kt , so is your platinum jewlery marked as so?

    please help thank you
  2. stamped "PLAT" i googled it PLAT stands for 95% platinum .. why in the world would the jeweler tell my fiance its gold when its platinum? doesnt plat cost more than gold?
  3. i dont even have my gia certificate with me to check (its back home in ny)
  4. Your GIA cert will not tell you the metal your ring is in. If it is indeed stamped PLAT, then it is platinum. Yes, it is more costly than gold. It is possible the jeweler just didn't know and you and your fiance just got lucky. :smile: You can always bring it to any jeweler and have them double check the stampings for you too.
  5. Maybe your fiance made the mistake, and he just thought it was gold.
  6. My Michael B platinum rings say PT 90%.
  7. i guess this is good news. i shouldnt complain about getting a free upgrade from gold to plat
  8. Platinum is great! More durable than gold. Over time platinum will develop a patina that some don't like, but you can always get it polished. It is more expensive than gold and with white gold you have to worry about wear and having to get your ring rhodium plated, which is what gives it the silver color. Congrats!
  9. Platinum is the king of white metals.
    Does it say 950 plat?
    That's very high end.
    'white gold'wasactually invented because platinum is less affordable, I would never complain about getting platinum instead of white gold.
  10. it says "PLAT" .. i googled it as well and PLAT means 950 which is 95% as apposed to 900.
  11. are the other numbers that are stamped the gia certif number?
  12. p.s i just realized that law school has taken such a toll on me that i named this thread in the format of a case haha plat v. gold
  13. The prongs might be platinum and the rest gold. Mine is 18K and the prongs are platinum and the band is marked with 18K and Plat.
  14. Plat is usually stamped PLAT or PT or PT950 when it's 95% Plat and 5% Other (usually Iridium). When it's 90/10 it's PT900 or PT/IR.

    The GIA cert wouldn't discuss how the stone was set/ring metal. That's for the appraisal to specify.

    Inside the ring the other numbers might be a serial for the setting or a makers mark. And if it's branded or was sold as a one ring thing, like I think Tiffany's does sometimes, they might have the carat weight of the center stone or total of the ring inside also.
  15. i inspected the ring for an hour and i only found 2 stamps on it - one says PLAT (just like that in uppercase) and the other is a set of numb/letter "C0SS81"