Planning my next purchase...

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What Next?

  1. Two LVs (Epi Speedy & Cabas Piano)

  2. One LV (Epi Speedy) and LV Shoes

  3. One Chanel (Cambon or Caviar Tote)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Chanel all the way !!!!!
  2. I would go for the nag and shoes as well. As much as I love chanel you"ll have still a lot of time to buy it later (5-10 years) because they're so classic.
  3. I just exchange the n for a b please, sorry lol!!
  4. :lol: That's true about it being a classic. If I wait a little longer for it, I could also get a 2.55 :love:

    Good thing the LV and Chanel stores are right across from each other at the mall, I can do some quick looking before I buy :biggrin:
  5. chanel! i visited chanel this weekend and i'm in love :heart:
  6. I vote for Chanel!! :love: :love: :love: Now, which one and what color?? He he..bag stress!! I can't wait to know what you decide!:nuts: :nuts: .
  7. OMG- those shoes are SOOOO cute!!! Do the bag and shoes!!! :smile:
  8. I'd rather have another purse over shoes any day so I'd either go with the two LVs or the one Chanel...I'm not sure how I'd decide between those two though.
  9. That's exactly what it is, bag stress! It's kept me from doing any work (heh heh) :biggrin:

    I hope I can come to a decision soon, since it's almost March and I really want to think about it thoroughly before going out and buying :nuts:
  10. chanel bowler is soo cute!
  11. Chanel!!!
  12. sorry, i thought that the epi and mono speedys are exactly the same except for the material.. is there a difference?

    btw , i vote chanel!
  13. Wow, lots of votes for the Chanel! This is going to be a tough decision. Maybe I should get the Epi Speedy, the shoes and the Chanel. There, problem solved! ;) :P
  14. i'd say chanel "what ever it is u choose!".. :love:
    but the LV shoes are :nuts:
    but i am sorry i am not a fan of epi at all :sad:
  15. I voted for the epi speedy and the shoes!