Planning my next purchase...

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What Next?

  1. Two LVs (Epi Speedy & Cabas Piano)

  2. One LV (Epi Speedy) and LV Shoes

  3. One Chanel (Cambon or Caviar Tote)

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  1. Sometime in late March or April, I will be able to afford either:

    Two bags from LV (the Epi Speedy 30 in mandarin and the Cabas Piano)

    One bag from LV (Epi Speedy) and a pair of shoes from LV (those damn white wedges! or another pair of sandals I love)

    One bag from Chanel (the Cambon bowling bag or small bucket tote in beige or black, or the caviar leather tote in white or black)

    What would you choose? If I go with the two LVs, should I split them up, maybe buy one in March/April, and the other over the summer? After this purchase I won't be able to afford anything for a while (or so I say...), so I want to make it good :nuts:

    Help! :shame: I'm bag budgeting today :biggrin:
  2. I say get the most for your money and stretch it out. Buy one in Mar/Apr and one in the summer.
  3. Bag & Shoes! Bag & Shoes! Bag & Shoes!
  4. I'd buy a Chanel over any LV any day of the week. It is my bet that you will not see as many people carrying a Chanel as you will see carrying an LV. Let us know what you decide.
  5. Such different answers. Keep 'em coming! :nuts:
  6. I say go for the Chanel!

  7. Go for a Chanel bag- they are so gorgeous and so classic!
  8. i'd buy 2 things rather than one for the same money. and since i love bags, but they're not my only addiction, i'd go for the lv bag and shoes.
  9. I say one LV and the LV shoes. The shoes are so so cute.
  10. chanel.....!!!!or go for the mandarin epi speedy this spring and then save till next winter to buy a chanel...better two than one!!!!!
  11. personally i think the epi speedy doesn't look proportional. the handle looks too small for the bag. so go for the chanel.
  12. cristina i am sorry.. i know the LV's u are talking about.. but i am really not good with the chanel types..<< but i am learning from u guys :amuse:
    if its not a hastel.. it would be great if u post pics so all can really give a clear vote <<or at least i can!! :cry:
  13. I wish I could do that, but then it's time to save money for holiday shopping. I know what I will be asking for this Christmas - money to fund my bag addiction :P

    I'm leaning toward the bag and the shoes, because I'm thinking that I can pick up a used Cabas Piano on eBay if I run into some extra cash. And it would be nice to have two new things I can wear at the same time :biggrin: I'd look kinda silly sporting two bags... :P
  14. Vanilla - The Epi Speedy. This one is blue, but the one I'd buy would be orange. This is also the 25. I'd buy the 30, the larger size.

    LV Shoes


    I can't find a photo of the Chanel right now...
  15. i think we've got the same illness...bag addiction and desire to get as much bags as we can!!!!!!why don't you just choose the one you like the most and then start saving for another one ,maybe to buy next year or just when you'll be able to get another one!?????!