plan to buy one longchamp le pliage bag--help with colors and handle length

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Which color?

  1. Thistle

  2. Hawthorn

  3. Bilberry

  4. Lime Blossom

  5. Bilberry

  6. Lavender

  7. Long Handles

  8. Short Handles

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey girlies,

    I'm planning to buy a longchamp le pliage bag. Seems that there are some pretty colors for their autumn/winter collections... :nuts:

    Can't decide between Hawthorn (dusky pink), Bilberry (deep purple), Lime Blossom (light greyish), Thistle (pale blue). Looking for a color that brightens up an outfit (like a fairy aura) :biggrin:... my clothings are mostly neutrals like black, grey, white, some bright colors etc. Long or short handle, which is more stylish?

    I already have a Taupe Nylon Prada tote bag and used to have a Longchamp Navy medium short handle.

    Appreciate your suggestions! XO
  2. where can I see the colors of the bag so I can suggest what nice colors are?
  3. Hey girls,

    Bilberry are sold out! In the end I got Thistle (pale blue) long handle. They have it in bright orange and dark brown handle or navy blue in white long handle. What do you think?