Places to buy discounted Dior?

Jun 6, 2010
So I see items like this...

Which look gorgeous and like the real thing, but I'm pretty sure they're not. Not that I'm buying right now (have to save up first!), but I'm interested in a Lady Dior in beige medium...which is a little tough to find, compared to other brands like LV and Chanel!

My question you know of any sites or places that sell consigned or discounted Dior? (besides Yoogi's closet)


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Jun 22, 2009
those are FAKE . dont buy from them . there is not surch thing as brand new dior for 150$ or 200$ .

if you are looking to buy "cheapper dior" you can try blue fly neiman marcus saks fith avenue (those are official retailers) however it will still be over 800$ and up on sale for purses and 400$ and up for shoes . as for the dior make up you will find it also at macys and Nordstrom.

i dont know much about consigment stores but i m sure some other members might know some places or websites.


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Dec 19, 2005
,Location, Location!
The Lady Dior with the pearl charms actually never came in beige; only black and gray. It is called the "Mise En Dior". There is a new one for this season with smaller pearls in light gold, which is close to beige. A regular Lady Dior without the pearl charms is $3,100.

Dior handbags will no longer be sold by department stores such as Saks and Neimans but will remain in Saks on a leased area basis. Dior boutiques will also no longer hold end of season sales. The purpose of these changes is for Dior to have control over their products distribution. There are Dior outlets and classic styles such as the Lady Dior rarely make it there, if ever.

That being said, there are a plethora of online sources where you may purchase authentic Lady Diors for a discounted price. Like Lovedior stated, Bluefly is a great place to find current Dior products for about 30% off. Items are available in limited numbers, usually just 1 piece for the Lady Dior styles so you have to be quick. The sample sale flash site, Ruelala, had a Lady Dior sale some time ago. Ebay usually have several Lady Diors for sale but please get them authenticated here prior to bidding. There are many deals to be had but there are also several fakes.


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Jun 22, 2009
don t know if it help but check Authentic "Dior Outlet and Auction Finds " i started to post the authentic purse for sale in that thread, there is some nice deals (considering the original prices of some) .


Nov 22, 2011
in my opinion , i think it's definitely FAKE .. don't waste your money dear ..

keep searching on ebay or deluxemall ..

i'd let u know if i found