Places for dermalogica products?

  1. I found this one while searching around. but i'm not too sure if it is legit and safe enought to buy. anyone ordered from this site or heard anything about it before? the prices seem reasonable. I'm really tempted to purchase some.

  2. -Here is a site from which I have ordered Dermalogica products many time::
  3. ^thank you for both of your input. I've actually looked at, but unfortunately they have a really small collection of dermalogica, only 12 products total. non i could buy from. have really good prices :woohoo:. THANK YOU for that!!!!!! :smile: well, i assume they are legit since u bought from them a few times already. have u been to their healing touch day spa? just wondering :smile:.
  4. Which Dermaologica products would you recommend to a newbie? I see they've got sample/travel sizes on the website!

  5. -no I don't live near to go to the spa. I am 51, so my skin needs would be very different from yours (I am assuming you are younger). I have dry skin. I love the ultrarich body cream. For under eyes, I am using the SPF 15 total eye care, along with other brands with which I alternate The SPF 15 moisturizer (can't remember the name) is good, too, but it is sometimes not moisturizing enough for me, depending on my diet the weather etc. It seems like it would be good for many types of skin except very dry. I have tried most of the face moisturizers, and like them, but prefer a face cream with an SPF.

    So that's all I tried!

    The only products I buy over and over is the eye cream and the body lotion The other products are very nice, but not quite right for me.
  6. i have combo skin and I LOVE the dermal clay cleanser, toner, and I use active moist moisturizer.
  7. i heard really great things about their moisturizer "active moist" and the daily microfoliant (suppose to be a very popular product). I just starting out also, so i can't personally tell u how they are yet. lol.
  8. where do you live? My local spa sells their products here in Maryland
  9. everyone stop right where you are..... go straight to
    I have ordered from them for ages (only once for a dermalogica scrub but all the time for other skin care / makeup). They are really good with super fast shipping. Plus you do not pay postage.
  10. I just placed another order this morning at

    They're great and they give you samples for whatever you'd like, too. Shipping is super fast and free with a $49+ order.

  11. that place costs an arm and a leg.