Pix: Onatah Cuir GM en Aubergine

  1. Bonjour tout le monde! Instead of PMing people individually, I decided what the heck, I'll post pix here! I got it on Tuesday but had to study for a test so I didn't get to take pix 'til today. BTW, I am an insane nerd and decided to count the perforations for fun cuz vuitton.com claims to have 19 000 perforations, well I counted TWICE and both times = 15 684 dots! Perhaps my method is wrong: I counted how many dots each "circle flower", "diamond flower", clover, and LV have, then count how many of each are on one side of the bag, and finally multiply by 2 for the other side. So in short:
    [Dots for each design]X[# of designs]X2

    Anyhoo....here are the pix!
    LV.OnatahCuirGM.aubergine.jpg LV.OnatahGM.buckles.jpg LV.OnatahGM.zipper.jpg Sept28.OnatahGM.left.JPG
  2. Soooooo gorgeous on you !!! Congrats!!

    Count again may be one side has more holes than the other...
  3. Beautiful! I love it!
  4. i love it. congrats! i wish they would do some small items in this line.

  5. Stunning and looks great on you. LOL on the dots!!!!

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Now that was just mean...:yahoo:
  7. :Push: Akkkkkkkkkkkkkk purse ban! remember your purseban taco :hysteric:

    Ohmygosh that is stunning!! I hate you a little bit right now:crybaby: I am so jealous........

    Congratulations :crybaby: :love: :yahoo: :love: :crybaby:
  8. so beautiful, thanks for sharing the pics! :biggrin:
  9. ooh this bag looks sooo good on you!! love the color so much!
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. It looks great on you. The size is perfect and the color is stunning.
  12. Wow-love the color and the "slouch" factor.
  13. Thanks everyone!

    hmmm well iono, I looked and both sides seem quite even....especially since the lil booklet inside claims to have used AERONAUTIC technology for PRECISION-cutting.... then again...i dunno if I can trust the lil booklet lol.... well one thing's for sure, Louis Vuitton's customer service will be getting their most amusing call yet! haha
  14. stunning!

  15. LOL...Well, it's a matter of principal, isn't it?

    I can see me counting 33 different colors for MC lines but those holes are too many...