1. I Love this bag! It is very very handy! Here are some pics:


    View from the back.


  2. Oh it's beautiful!! Congrats!!
  3. i love that style! i wish i got it in the khaki when it first came out :sad:
  4. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :smile:
  5. I love it! I still want this style satchel for myself! I think blackbutterfly has this exact one, I always drool over hers, lol. Congratulations!
  6. LOL @ abandonedimages!! Yes, I have this bag and I do love it!! :heart::heart:

    Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:You should go on eBay and get a charm for it so we can be twins, LOL. Seriously, the charms are so cute on the bag, especially something that pops agains the bag. Enjoy carrying your bag ;)!!
  7. Congrats on the new bag!
  8. Congrats..very cute bag. I love the shape & size. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Congrats, I love it! Enjoy!
  10. :crybaby: I WANT THAT BAG!!! Sorry, I'm just so jealous. I've been wanting that bag for months now. Oh well...one of these days. I'm hoping that they'll keep that style around for a while longer since it's pretty classic.

    Anyway, CONGRATS!!!! It's such a gorgeous, classy bag that's also very functional (good size, love the outside slip and zipper pockets).
  11. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! :love:
  12. GORGEOUS! this style is one of my favorites. :smile:
  13. THANKS EVERYONE!!! I'm very flattered by all the compliments.
  14. congrats!! I love that style alot!
  15. I absolutely LOVE this bag! It's on my goal list of pursage!