[Pix] 2 Amore Canguro + Amore Dolce Available at Macy's SCP

  1. my friend went today n sent me random pix of some bags...so if u guys see nething u like, give them a call to have them hold it for you or do a chargesend! =)


    there's an associate by the name of Elizabeth who seems to know about toki =)
    macys_scp_canguro1.jpg macys_scp_canguro2.jpg macys_scp_dolce1.jpg
  2. i like that last bag...ahhh man, i need more $$.
  3. mmm...dolce. i want. =]
  4. Is that a ciao I see in the back of the canguro? Hmm. . .
  5. a canguro with the dogs right infront! :drool:
    i'm going crazy here. you have any idea how much shipping to nyc will be?
  6. Yeah, I'm wanting one of those too! How cute is that???????
  7. hey i thought you were on a ban annieb! :lol:
  8. Oh yeah, I am! But I can still want...right?:nuts:
  9. :lol: yeah ...but dont buy? hahha
  10. I didn't take pictures but I think they had some Canguros at Valley Fair.
  11. so bubblesung did she see the one that I told you about?? and yeah SCP has tons more at least on thursday when I went!
  12. tehlilone: yes girl! i got it! cept she didn't see one with ciaociao on the pocket + sea dragons on the right...i got ciaociao on the front pocket + koi fish on the right! which is just as good!! i paid for it by phone n had my friend pick it up for me after work!! its perfect! thank you sooo much sweetie for keeping a look out!
  13. yeah, I'm not sure how long this ban is going to last....I've seen some auctions go for like half price today! It would have finished up my "collectiion" until more new prints come out!
  14. yeah i know what you mean hahaha!