Pink Ruby and Sea Mist Small Phoebe just arrived

  1. LOVE the Pink Ruby
    1394646514090.jpg 1394646525387.jpg 1394646536586.jpg 1394646574267.jpg
  2. Sea Mist P
    1394646622475.jpg 1394646635815.jpg 1394646649365.jpg
  3. With Sea Mist Mini Preston
    1394646682255.jpg 1394646698155.jpg
  4. Pink Ruby
  5. W new Toms
  6. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will come out and I can get better pics of the color. It is def PINK and so pretty.
  7. Very pretty! I love the color of the pink ruby, and those Toms are SO cute. I may have to try to find a pair of them for myself!

  8. wowza!! i love the colors!! congrats and those TOMS are awesome!!
  9. Gorgeous colors! Thanks for the photos
  10. Those are gorgeous, congratulations! I love the sea mist color, and that pink ruby is wonderful! I wonder if the regular phoebe will come in that color ...
  11. Both are very nice! Thanks for showing the Pink Ruby. Preston comes in that color and I was wondering what it looked like.
  12. Thank you, Preston has silver hardware so a little diff there but I think very close. I can not wait for that one too.
  13. Thanks everyone, cannot wait to see more stuff in PR!!!!
  14. That pink ruby was made for you! It's such a bright, saturated color and I think both shades look great in the phoebe you love them?
  15. Those are BEAUTIFUL iluvcoach!!! They look awesome with your Tom's--my niece love's Tom's, don't they donate a portion from every pair purchased to...something?? I forget...But I digress, back to the BAGS! That Seamist is such a soft and lovely color, I can't get over it. So pretty, they are so perfect, which will you carry for Easter Sunday? Oh, that will be a hard choice! Congratulations and enjoy!