Pink pony bag from Ralph Lauren

  1. Hello at all
    I love these bag. Have somebody one? I have seen it in the store last year. Now I want one, can I buy it anymore?
    what have you paid?

    thanks for your answer
  2. I've had two pink pony bags in two different sizes. Ralph Lauren still has them on their website. Price depends on the size...
  3. hi, I love Ralph Lauren Bags. You can check their website for prices.
  4. Hi I have a small pink pony bag in white with pink. It is so cute and little, it holds my long Gucci wallet, cell phone, gloss, and ipod. I paid a dollar for mine, at a yard sale. It had some hilighter stains on it, but those came off with shout, and viola like new. They do still have them on thier site though, and if there is a store I would imagine there too. I saw them once at the Ralph Lauren store here in San Antonio in a bin by the kids clothes.
  5. I was in the ralph lauren store today. There are a lot of pink pony bags, but also the big sizes and I want them in the little size in white and pink. Then I asked and she has ONE in the little size. she reserve it for me 2 days. I have decide me today to buy it on wednesday. It's so lovely :smile: It costs 75 Euros.