Pink Patent Framed Ergo Satchel - Pls help

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  1. Hi Ladies please help!!!! I bought the Pink Patent Framed Ergo Satchel today at Macy's. This is supposed to be my summer bag. I loved it when it came out last year but could not pay full retail at the time ($498.) Well today macy's had it for 30% off ($348) and I bought it. Now I see that someone bought it for $160. Should I return mine? I don't have any plans to go to an outlet anytime soon. They're all at least two hours away from me. But...I just can't stand that I feel like I have over paid for this bag. Tell me what do you think?
  2. go and see if you can get it at the outlet, and if so, buy and THEN return the first one to macys, otherwise you'll return and not be able to get another one at all...
  3. I would call all of the outlets near you and see if you can locate one. Then you can hold it until you can get there or perhaps do a charge/send. I don't know the details on the process, but many people on the board have done charge/sends. Only after receiving the bag would I return the other one to Macy's. Good luck!
  4. Thank you. I will call the outlets and see how I do.
  5. I would also recommend asking your local Macy's if they'll do a price match for you. The dept. manager at my local Macy's has been able to do this for me as he'd rather sell the Coach bag to me versus seeing me purchase it from the local Coach outlet. Nordstom's has also price matched for me. They just have to call the local Coach outlet to verify the style number and price of the bag.
  6. I would call first to see if they have one. The one I bought at my outlet for $160 was the only one in that color they got in (according to the SA). Also, if your outlet doesn't have it, you could always ask Macy*s if they'll match the price. Some of those stores will match prices, however I don't know if they would for a designer piece, but it couldn't hurt to ask! Good luck!
  7. It stinks not being near an outlet, doesn't it? I try not to think about all of the outlet prices and compare them with what I have to pay at the boutique or at a department store. If I did, I would never get anything.

    It would be great if Macys would do a price match or if you located the same bag at the closest outlet. It may just then be worth the 2 hour drive. Definitely don't return the bag to Macys until you know for certain that you can pick another one up somewhere else.
  8. If you can't get it at the outlet, I would just keep it if you can, its still a good deal, better than retail price... I hear ya on hearing of all the deals at the outlets, but if you don't live close to one, getting coach on sale is still better than nothing, KWIM? Plus its such a great classic bag that I'm sure you'll have for a long time! GL!
  9. There are some on Ebay for $249 in Pink
  10. Some of the outlets will hold the bag without doing the charge hold.
  11. I agree with OP and also believe since they have been at the outlets, mine had a few that they are now showing up on the bay for even less than you paid at 30% a search and make sure to post anything you'll consider bidding on in our *authenticate this Coach* sub-forum! I truly believe there's a better deal on this bag out there for you! I purchased my balck one at Dillard's for $270 + tax and even returned at that price!!!
  12. I'm looking for the same bag, and my outlet (3.5 hr away) doesn't have that color. So don't exchange unless you know you can get the bag you want at the price you want! (The Macy's here doesn't have anything except siggie. I think the woman who orders must love it, because a leather bag is a rarity here!)
  13. ITA with everyone. Don't let this one go until you find one (whether it be the outlets or eBay or Bonanzle) or else you may be without:sad:. GL! Keep those tags attached!
  14. I bought a black/white Ergo signature frame satchel that I haven't used yet. I LOVE IT, just haven't used it yet. I'm planning a trip to my nearest outlet (3.5+ hours) around mid-March. IF I find one there, I will return mine.
  15. FYI: my local Dillard's has that bag in pink. I know it was clearanced on Saturday to around $328 w/an extra 30% off (extra 30% ended on Saturday). Not quite sure on price. PM, if you're interested, and I will give you the phone number to the store.