Pink Lovers Come Join Me In A Good Cry Over the 08 Bubblegum Pink News!

  1. :crybaby:
    I told myself not to get my hopes up over the list of the S/S 08 colors, but I guess I didn't listen because I am completely bummed to hear 08 BG Pink will be a peach color! I know I am fortunate to have two 05 BG Pink bags in mint condition, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful. But not only was I excited about getting a few BG Pink accessories, I was hoping the new pink wouldn't have the fading problems the 05's have, and I could get one or two fade resistant pink bags. I was also very happy for all my pf friends who have been wanting to get Bubblegum Pink bags.
    Also, I am really confused as to why they would name a peach color, Bubblegum Pink in the first place. The only thing I can come up with is maybe the lists floating around do not have the accurate name for it. ??? I know pink is not for everyone, but I can tell you I get compliments on my BG bags wherever I go, and many say they love it and they're not even pink lovers. It's super frustrating to love the vibrancy of 05 pink, only to watch it slowly fade to a paler pink, which is what happened to my first BG City. So far my other two pink babies haven't shown any signs of fading, but who knows if they will in the future. For everyone who is happy to hear the color is a peach tone, congrats to you!

    :crybaby:<---See how sad I am! Even my hanky is pink!

    If anyone else has pictures of any Bubblegum bags, please share them with us so we can mourn the loss together! The flowers photos at the bottom are images I downloaded using the search words "bubblegum pink color" and "peach color".


  2. I feel the same way, Deana!:nogood: I LOVE BubbleGum Pink and am not the biggest fan of peach either!:sad:

    Here's my BG Pink City

    and a Peach
  3. Deana, I know what you are saying about the bubblegum pink. I'm not a big fan of pink, but I did want a pink Bbag just to have in the summer so that I could use it occasionally. I bought a faded bubblegum pink work, and I'm sending it to Luving my Bags to have it restored. I know that it won't have the value that a pristine, unrestored bag would have, but I just want one for me, and not to resell. So I thought that may be the best way to have one - I won't have to worry about it fading because it will already be a restored handbag. If I bought a pristine BG Pink and paid a boatload of money for it, then I would be afraid to use it. I'm not as careful with my bags as you, Deana! Are you sure that there won't be a pink, Deana? Maybe there will be a pink and a peach.
  4. Poor Deana, I know how much you :heart::heart::heart: your brights and pinks and I know what you mean Deana... I was rather suprised when I read the threads saying that BubbleGum Pink = Peach??? :confused1:... I'm sure they'll be more pinks on the way though so dont worry for now sweetie, theres still hope!
  5. My understanding is that the the S/S '08 color names came straight from the official "line list" released by Balenciaga, so I think "bubblegum pink" is the official name. I'm bummed too, but from what I've heard about the new Magenta ("pinker than '05 magenta"), it might be the one that all of us Bubblegum Pink lovers should really be looking forward to!!!

    BTW, have you been spraying your bags w/apple garde or some similar spray to help prevent fading? I don't know for a fact if it does, but I think it's worth a try. The other thing to do is to try to minimize exposure to UV rays. What we really need is a 60+SPF sunscreen for our bbags! ;)
  6. I guess I'm the only one looking forward to a peach colored bag, as long as its not too pastel. But if its light it will turn yellow as well.

    I'm a pink girl, I wear pink every day. And yet I no longer own any Balny pink anything because of the fading and yellowing. I want a Calcaire bag soooo bad, but I dont dare.
  7. i can't wait to see it anyway! looking forward to a peach bag. bubble gum pink is too barbie for me. who knows, you may like it. we haven't even seen swatches yet!
  8. BTW...a tPFer saw the '08 Bubblegum pink swatch on a computer screen and said it looked like a "watermelon" color. That sounds more attractive than peach to me. Either way, I'm picturing the color to be a little "washed out" and not vibrant... :cry:

    Seriously, I think magenta '08 is the one to watch for. I'm so excited about that one!!!
  9. I'm still hopeful :shrugs: Maybe it will still be a pretty pink - maybe not bubblegum but more like a light watermelon - there's a color like that in the clothing collection. I guess we'll have to wait and see :popcorn:...
    But I know what you mean... when I first read about it looking like peach my heart was so :sad:. I've always wanted a bubblegum pink. :girlsigh:
  10. Deana, you never know, a lot of the times the swatches & descriptions have been misleading, but if not I shall cross my fingers and toes that there will be a bubblegum pink for you soon.:heart:
  11. I'm a firm believer in this and NONE of my bags have faded and I live in South Florida and the sun is intense most of the year.

    Fayden I agree BG is very Barbie, but I like it. I wouldn't carry it everyday but with the right outfit it looks great, especially for Florida. Carry them in Key West or on South Beach they will mob you wanting that BG bag.

    Deana we haven't even seen the swatches. It might be a gorgeous color and you might like it. I'm actually glad it's not like BG, since I already have one. I think a peach has been mentioned many times as a color we would all love to see. Maybe they read this board. :graucho:Maybe it will be a more like rose, but not as vintage. I would love that! It might be a Salmon color or like Watermelon or Cantaloupe. Deana if it's the color of the peach rose you have up there, I am beyond excited. That is gorgoeus. It looks like a salmon/peach. WOW. I'm really anxious to see a swatch of this one.

    I'm thinking the magenta '08 MIGHT be a much lighter magenta, and pinker so that might be the real pink bag of the season. Is this list of colors official. Where did it come from and when do they release the swatches?

    I'm wondering if the electric blue might be close to '05 Turquoise or will it be sort of like French blue but deeper?:graucho:
  12. I totally agree with fiatflux, the magenta 08 is supposed to be more pink. Won't it be amazing to have a pink bag that we won't have to worry about fading?!!!!!!!! I have my fingers crossed!!!!!! I am dying to see the swatches- does anyone have a clue when those might come out?
  13. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE bubblegum-pink or any pinks - I'm with you Deana :yes::heart: here's my very loved BG day :tender::love:

  14. Firstclass that Hobo is :nuts: gorgeous! Not faded at all and the leather, the slouch, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. It's perfection! Still :drool:
  15. I expect a color less orange than that beautiful rose, despite the use of the word peachy. I'm thinking more pale coral than pale salmon, as I think of those colors. Does that make sense?