Pink Bianca stores ??

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  1. Hi to all, I have been wanting a pair of the pink biancas since the barbie collection, they are my dream shoe, seriously my wallpaper on my computer...someday ;(

    How did i miss that some came out again??? I would really love to track a pair down somewhere in u.s. maybe a restock of size?? This would be my first pair so not familiar with they way they stock/issue season shoes. Does anyone know what stores in U.s were selling these?? Any other tips would be super helpful. I knoq it seems to be a long shot but jeeze i can't let it slip away again :sad:

    Im a size 38 :smile:
    Thanks so much for any help
  2. boutiques, hirshliefers i think, possibly others.
  3. i saw some in Toronto's Davids stores !
  4. you can email the boutiques
  5. I believe Jeffrey boutique in Atlanta has them.
  6. So are they actually Barbie pink? I thought they were basically the same color without the slight irridescence? I haven't seen them IRL, but they look dark close.
  7. that's correct
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