Pink Berry!

  1. anyone else obsessed with it?? I CRAVE IT ALL THE TIME AND FRANKLY I SEE IT AS THE NEW "STARBUCKS"..THEYRE popping up everywhere...its addicting! i dunnno wish i knew wat was in there.. i mean non fat...low calorie and yummy!!! could it be too good to be true?? what does TPF thinK?
  2. LOL..what is it?
  3. I think that Jamba Juice (mmmmmmm) is the next Starbucks but that looks yummy! I think I'm going to have to try it out soon. :smile:
  4. I didn't know either, had to google: Pink Berry
  5. Yum! That looks delicious.
  6. lol its this non fat u go in ..they have like
    small medium large...and then u get to add toppings...which consist of different types of that fun stuff...for the sweet-toothers...u can add frooty pebbles...capt crunch...chocolate chips...stuff like that..IM TELLING U ..IM OBSESSED!..ooh and sooo sorry for posting in the wrong forum!
  7. I have a very long thread about PINKBERRY.
  8. thanks so much!
  9. I could never get into plain yogurt. I live within walking distance of the original one in WeHo. I had a taste of it when they first opened and I did not care for it. But it is so popular.
  10. sorry again...guess this one can be closed!