Pink AND Green Graffiti SPeedy??

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  1. OK, So this question is more for the ladies who obviously enjoy the new graffiti line. I have been lusting after a pink speedy ever since I saw the first pics and I can't wait for feb 2, but I have since come to really like the green as well. Would it be silly to own both? I know on one hand it would be fun because both colours go well with different colours in my wardrobe. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull so that's not really an option. Thoughts??
  2. BOTH!!!! i cant wait till feb 2 just get both colors theyre too gorgeous to pass up!!
  3. Get both! I am!
  4. if you can afford both, go for it!
  5. I say get both if you can. Or, you can get graffiti and one rose would be my choice
    go for what u love, tho
  6. Get both, or go for a Keepall in Green (which is what I think I'm doing).
  7. Oh I'm intrigued by the keepall idea!!! I've always wanted a Louis travel bag....but then that takes away it's purpose of being able to carry it with my outfits that would look best with a green graffiti instead of pink....hmmmm. Uh oh, now I'm into three graffitis LOL!!! SO there are a few of you who have the same intention of getting both?? Is that so that you can wear them with different pieces of your wardrobe?
  8. If you like them both and will use them both, I say get both! Once they are gone, they are gone!
  9. im a neon FREAK i just love the colors i like the orange too but i cant go crazy!! so pink and green itll be :heart:
  10. does anyone have pics of the new color speedys? I've gotta see this!!!
  11. If you can afford it than go for it! :tup:
  12. I like the pink and the green -- get both if you can!
  13. If you can fund both - GRAB THEM :nuts:
  14. like everyone has said, GET THEM!
  15. Why not, get what you want and what you will use. People got all the variations of the Watercolor Speedy/Papillon.