Pine Green City

  1. I would love a new Balenciaga City for fall, and I am thinking about the color Pine. Does any one have a photo?
    Would love to see the City GH in Pine :yahoo:
  2. Hi.

    I am looking forward to seeing Pine as well!

    If you do a search for Pine you should see some pics that were posted from a trunkshow ( I think in IncoralBlue's thread) I will see if I can find it for you:yes:

    As far as I know Pine has not made it's way into the shops yet.

    Good luck
  3. Thanks :smile: Are you looking for the City as well?
  4. I tried to get photos of Pine (Forest Green) from LVR last week. They said that they hadn't had any of the green bags in yet.
  5. found one to give you an idea of the colour:smile:

  6. Not sure...maybe a Work or maybe a City! I change my mind a lot about these things;)
  7. It is beautiful :smile:
    I have one Balenciaga and that is a Giant Hobo in White and i LOVE it!
    But I also would like one with a little bit of color and I think Green would be perfect for fall
  8. ^^
    I agree. I think Pine will be fab for fall. I used to have a Sapin Work (which was a dark green) but I think Pine will be even better:yes:

    Can't wait to see what it looks like IRL when it's released (hopefully September??)
  9. Yes that is what LVR.COM says, we just have to wait and see
  10. Sounds pretty.
  11. Love that Pine!
  12. I think a Pine City in RH would look divine!
  13. NM Fashion Island in Newport Beach has a couple of bags in pine - a step and a first, I think. I didn't have a camera or cell on me when I was there last...but maybe one of our other SoCal TPFers can go over there and take some spy pics for ya! :yes:
  14. That pine is so pretty... everytime I see it... I like it more and more...