Pictures of your loot from the Linea Pelle Sample Sale!

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  1. To everyone who bought bags from the Linea Pelle sample sale this week, post pictures of your bags here!

    I personally bought a bag myself (but haven’t received it yet), but I’m curious to know if the differences from the production versions of the bag aren’t that big a deal (i.e. the zippers, the missing hardware etc.) So post away!
  2. I ordered a bag also, but don't have it yet.
  3. I ordered the Danielle clutch, and a few hours after I ordered it had already shipped. It shipped from CA, so it should reach WA early next week.
  4. my order still says "new order" not even processing and I placed it on Thursday...
  5. ^ You might want to give them a call?
  6. I am so tempted to order the Dylan Messenger in pumpkin. Has anyone seen this color? It looks fairly soft in the picture, not stick out bold orange.
  7. ^ Me too! I wish I could see some more photos of it first, though, but I'm really tempted by it! There are still 6 available.
  8. ^^ I don't think anyone that has seen the color has posted about it but some have mentioned it's prob not a bright orange like in the pic. Usually the colors for the LP bgs are different in person--which is a good thing!!! Check the website under the celebrity section---someone has an orange bag--I can't remember who...
  9. Regina King has the Dylan Double Handle (the one I want) in Pumpkin, the color is gorgeous. You can see it in the celebrity section.
  10. It might take a while til people get them....I ordered a bag on 3/1 (before the sale) and its not due here until 3/10...and I bet with all the orders from the sale they may get backed up a bit
  11. Here's my first shipment...I have two smaller ones on their way. :graucho:

    1. Black Piper Tote
    2. YKK zipper on black
    3. Olive Gretchen Tote
    4. Mahogany Dylan Tote...recent purchase, not from Sample sale...she wanted her picture take too. :cutesy:
    P3082221.JPG P3082216.JPG oliveP3082218.JPG LPP3082222.JPG
  12. ^ Wow, I am so jealous! Those are beautiful, congratulations.
  13. ooh, that gretchen is really nice!
  14. B.Jara- those are beautiful. Congrats!!
  15. sigh, i am totally in love with your black piper tote. I had it in my cart but then I chickened out ;)

    awesome bags, thanks for posting pictures!