Pictures of your COACH in action!

  1. I absolutely love this thread. Everyone looks awesome w/ their bags!!! I love to see people out and about with their Coach loves!
  2. And another's my Espresso Julianne in action during our recent 15 year wedding anniversary trip to New Orleans...she is, I found out, the perfect travel bag because she has a full top zip closure and can be guessed it, cross body :p[​IMG]
    julianne in action.JPG
  3. ^^ you wear her well!!! damn! now im thinking of
    getting a julianne :biggrin:
  4. This is such a great thread! Everyone looks awesome!
  5. Thanks, l_nadia_k! She has so much presence that sometimes I think she's the one wearing me, lol! I feel that way about Lily and Gigi, too.
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  7. Looks so good on you! You wear it well.
  8. ^^ bagap, your sabrina looks awesome on you!!! I m jealous :graucho:
  9. That bag looks great on you and you look great with the bag (and I'm sure without it too!). You have the most beautiful smile! It looks like you were having a fantastic time on you anniversary vacation. Congratulations on celebrating 15 years!!
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    Here I am today shopping. Had to take a pic because I normally don't look this good on the weekend. Lol.
    coachshopping.JPG coachshopping2.JPG
  11. ^^ You look great. I love the orange and white together with your Carly.
  12. bagap, i love your julianne! you wear it so well. :]
  13. Cute thread, I have quite a few pics.
    Thanks for letting me share.

    My Coach (Luggage set) at LAX
    My DD sleeping w/my (Coach Scribble tote)
    Me at the COLTS game at Lucas oil stadium (Signature Duffle)
    Me w/my Sissy & my 2 DD Long Beach, California (Optic Swingpack)
    Disneyland w/ 2 my DD (Signature Duffle)
    coachaction1.JPG coachaction2.JPG coltsgame6.JPG PICSINACTION.JPG disney9ah.JPG
  14. cute pictures, especially the 1st &2nd one! your daughters are adorable.
  15. Thanks ;)