Pictures of your COACH in action!

  1. Okay my fellow COACH lovers, I saw this type of thread in other forums so I think it's our turn :graucho: Let's see your COACH in action!

    Sorry if there is already a thread out there like this one, but I didnt see one when I searched :blush:

    Heres my copper Zoe with me at the airport while I kiss my mama :heart: I cant wait to see everyone elses!

  2. Oh I'm excited to contribute to this thread! I'll have to see if I can find some pics when I get home tonight.
  3. This is of me with my Legacy Shoulder Flap in the summer,

    but I sent it in for repair and got an XL Zoe instead.

    Here is me & my Sophie:

    Sorry, these are old pix and I don't really have any recent pictures of me with friends carrying a Coach bag.
    Image097.jpg Image112.jpg
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    Here I am with my best friend last summer with my black leather hamptons caryall and my sophia sunglasses before they were stolen :tdown: boo
  6. What a great idea!! There's a "coach catwalk" in the reference library, but we're not allowed to post comments there, so this is a perfect companion thread!
  8. [​IMG]

    Suede Tote during Chinese New Year 2007

    Seattle Aquarium with East West 2007


    Ahhh, Large Berry Sabrina 2008. I want to caption this:
    "The Real among the Fakes" or "Same Coat Different Bag" LOL.
  9. This is great guys! Keep 'em coming, you all look so cute!

    I love it! Haha, showing them what the real deal looks like! :p

    Thanks guess :blush:! Is that your dog in your avatar? He/she is gorgeous! Is that a siberian husky mix?

    You look GREAT! I see you went shopping for more COACH :graucho:

    Love your flap :love: Where are you? That green tile wall is kind of cool, haha, and nice mirror!
  10. What a fun thread and I love all the pictures already posted! I'll have to start leaving the house with a camera so I can catch my bags in action, lol!
  11. [​IMG]

    My friend and I w/our Carly's ...


    Can you tell my Carly is PACKED with camera equipment?
  12. ^ haha, I love it! Those are both great action shots :yahoo:

    yay, do it! I cant wait to see, you have such a beautiful collection too!
  13. haha, love the second pic CGecko! Both carlys are gorgeous! GO WILD!!
  14. Me and my DH in vegas this summer. Sorry if its too big its my first pic post.[​IMG]
  15. Love the Carleys! Also the margarita doesn't look bad either!!!!:drool: