Pictures of your COACH in action!

  1. Great idea! Can we get this stickied please? :nuts:

    Me at my sweet sixteen with the small leather hobo that I got for $50 at an outlet!

    In Shanghai on vacation with my FAVORITE sig stripe tote!
  2. ^ AW! You look so adorable in both pictures! I love your stripe tote :love:

    I love to see all our COACH out enjoying the world :p haha

  3. ahh when did you get the tote?! Post new collection photos! :heart:
  4. ^ Haha, I haven't really increased my purse part of my collection that much... I got 3 pairs of Coach shoes though :p But I will eventually I promise. I got it maybe half a year to 9 months ago for $135 on sale at Lord&Taylor!!! :nuts:
  5. Here's me and my DBF in Chicago with my Carly. I had to trade her in b/c of the fraying. I miss carrying her!
  6. You all look so cute, even with the blotted out faces:roflmfao:. I do not think I have any action shots as I am the one always taking the pics. I love this thread and hope to see more....soon!
  7. Going out to dinner with friends tonight carrying my new Amanda satin clutch.
  8. Now that I have a digital camera I'll make sure to snap pictures of me carrying/wearing coach. My DBF is going to think I'm nuts randomly taking pictures. Lol. :p
  9. This is a great thread! I'm digging through myrchives finding some good ones to post!

    At my bachelorette party last spring with the satin clutch (i forgot its exact name) It was STOLEN/LOST that night. So sad. We were at the casino.


    With my LE 65th Anniversary tote, at the casino 2 years ago:


    At yet another casino, and this was 4 years ago, I cant believe how trashy i was dressed! With the signature gallery tote.


    And for good measure, last winter with my platinum lily. Which i just realised is a modeling pic. But oh well, this bag gets lots of action=)


    More pics to come...
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    Hi I was at Holt Renfrew's bathroom in downtown Toronto shopping with my university friend. I loved the bathroom mirror and tile (the rest of the bathroom is just plain gorgeous) that I had to take a picture of it. :smile:

    Unfortunately, the flap is gone--the sealant from the O-Rings came off and I got full credit to get myself the XL Zoe Editorial (also seen in my pix).
  11. You look gorgeous with your Lily! :heart:
  12. This makes me desperately want that Carly again. It looks awesome on you!!
  13. [​IMG]
    Coach'n in the Jamacian Ocean

    My travel bag for that trip

    My lily in Boston

    My adorable son and my lil bro w/ my coach sunnies
  14. I was thinking the EXACT same thing...I want my Carly back...and if they can't fix it, I reeeeeally want to get another Carly to replace it! I will never get over my love of Carly!

    Great pics everyone!! I don't think I have any "in action" pics!
  15. Here are my modeling pics and an action shot!





    DSCN7380 copy.JPG