Pictures of your Celine collection!

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  1. Post your collection shots here! Pictures only/ no chatting.

    Thank you!! :yahoo:
  2. Can't wait for my mini vermillion!!!!
  3. I'm a newbie, how can i put picture in my profile? thanks!
  4. Just added the leather vest and bam bams to my Celine collection :smile:

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  5. bump!

    I know many Celine-lovers can add to this thread :graucho:
  6. Here is the start of my collection. Waiting to find a crock embossed Phantom or orange Mini or Phantom.

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  7. This is my small collection as it currently stands -

  8. Aluxe, nice collection!
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    my multicolor collection
  10. Current collection pic

    IMG_2390-imp copy.jpg
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  11. Thanks so much! I really enjoy my Celine bags.

    Great bags! Congrats!.

    Very nice!!! Congrats.

  12. If you don't mind me asking how much did you buy your celine nano? I want to buy one and need to calculate how much money I should save. Thanks in advanced.
  13. This is sooo cute!! I'm struggling now to get a tricolor trapeze or a one color micro luggage... I can only get one at this time, any suggestions??

  14. I'd say get a trapeze first! Its a roomy bag and I love using it with its shoulder strap.