Pictures of Belen Echandia Pearl Grey Mini

  1. Ladies, several of you have asked for pictures of the new pearlized grey Mini Love Me. I just ordered mine based on pictures that Jackie sent me. I've attached them here so that you can see what they look like. Can't wait to see the real thing![​IMG]
  2. ..and here's another...[​IMG]
  3. Very Beautiful! Please tell us your first impressions when you receive her :yes:...
  4. Very pretty. The second picture truly shows off the pearlized effect.

  5. i think its so cute but that color just isnt doing it for me:sad:
  6. Stunning.
  7. I hear you! Same feeling here. I want to see it with the cross body messenger strap. That might do it for me. But otherwise, I have other bags that fit in this size category. I have my LV Epi Blue Petit Noe that looks swell as a light and easy bag. I am very careful these days about how I expand my handbag collection. I just gave away so many bags...and I don't want to do THAT again! Nor, can I afford it...
  8. i hear that! glamourgirl and i were just lamenting over how we wished we could have found BE sooner...although your epi petit noe sounds adorable! out of all of LV's styles, the noe in epi leather is one of the few that i really like - i'm always perusing eBay for a good deal on an authentic one!

    TG, i tell ya, i cant WAIT to see the mini in the purple. if the fuschia is any indication, i think it will be a killer color for the mini, as i think the mini is the perfect size for a loud pop of color, kwim??
  9. What a beautiful bag.
  10. I think this bag is really pretty but the dark grey is still my favorite...

    I'm having the same issue as Annadiva..I have some smaller handbags that can serve this same purpose so I don't want to buy too many. My dark grey LM fills a specific need (and I just love it!)..
  11. Well...the Love Me Mini hasn't even been posted yet on the BE website -- and look at all the fervor in the tpf world! I have learned: there's always another handbag. There's always time to spend your money. What's the rush? I think the Love Me Mini is very nice, but it didn't zap me the way the Love Me did. Maybe that will change with time...but I'm just going with the flow.
  12. I agree...the mini is too petite for me. I love the original Love Me in the purple-delicious! :rolleyes:
  13. For me personally, the mini screams chic and sexy in hot colors like fuschia and purple...AND black crash. I can picture all of these on a hot summer's night meeting up with the girls for martini's at the Piano bar....or getting picked up by your boyfriend in his lamborghini....Ok...or just meeting up with your man for dinner....dressed to kill or casual...the bag is HOT.

    The reg LM is just oozing sex appeal. Whenever I wear mine and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror with it on my shoulder, I find myself doing a double take to see if that's really me!!!

    So, I think I'm biting the bullet here and ordering the LM reg in Black Crash!!!! Now there's a bag with ATTITUDE!!! and one that will stay in style for years to come. Sexy, timesless, and classic....what more could a girl want????
  14. Contessa, yes, I just read your post here and couldn't agree with you more. The LM just screams, here I am, your sexy bag. Whereas the mini, is just your totally perfect everyday bag. I wish I was brave enough to try the fuschia or the purple.

    When will you receive your LM and mini? I absolutely can't wait for your review..... I"m more excited for you to get these then when you were waiting for your dark grey.
  15. Wow..what a great bag!:tup: I think I better take a look at all the Belen Echandia threads & read up on this designer!!