Picture request - Chanel classic bag in SMALL 9 inch size

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm desperately in need of a pic of someone wearing the small classic chanel bag 9x5 measurements. I have just ordered a medium and am worried it may be too big so would like to see a pic of someone wearing the small size as I couldn't find a pic on the forum.

    Thanks xx
  2. lol, i own a medium ivory caviar flap and i think it's small. it looks proportionately right but i use a long wallet so it takes up most of the bag. i'm actually ordering a jumbo!

  3. Hi LadyDeluxe, but what is your build? I have a tiny build - 5'3" and size 0/2 (US size) so I'm worried it will look too big (I have skinny arms - lol!!). I am not really concerned about the amount I can fit in it, I am more bothered about it looking proportionatey okay on me.
  4. LOL. you should see what i posted on the 'your flap and you' thread. i'm 5'4" and i'm a size 00-0. i have a reissue in 227, so the size of the medium is definitely pretty much smaller.

    i don't think you should worry too much cause the medium is afterall, a mid-size!
  5. What did you post on the "your flap and you" thread? Could you send a link please?
  6. You look great! I love your outfit in the first thread - so cool! And the medium looks a great size on you. It's good to see it from a bit of a distance because all the pics i've seen have been really close up. I don't think the small is much smaller anyway - what do you think?
  7. ladydeluxe, i love your ivory flap.
  8. honeybunch: thanks! i can be pretty bold when it comes to fashion so i'm glad to hear that. the small is a square shaped flap, which i think is about 2" shorter in width i think. i'm not so sure so i'm giving you based on estimates, but you could always look at the chanel reference library. i don't own the small, i don't think i would get one since it's more like a fun or evening use bag. medium is the best size if you're talking about proportions, but imo, jumbos are classic flaps with a twist in the size, very roomy for everyday use.

    allbrandspls: thank you! i love it too :smile:
  9. Does no one have a pic of the small??? It seems like everyone has the medium, but no small!
  10. Hi honeybunch! :smile: I can post a side by side pic in a few days, but here are the only pics I have now: the first pic is of my small '01 rose patent classic flap (won on eBay), and second is a pic of one of my medium flaps (brown caviar). :smile:

    Rose patent (small):

    Brown caviar (medium):

    Like I said, when I get back, I can post comparison pics... I have lots of flaps to choose from haha... IMO, the small classic flap is similar in size to a 225 reissue (I can post that in the pic too)! :p :heart:
  11. Fieryfashionist, thank you so much for the pics. Your bags are GORGEOUS! Would it be possible for you to take a pic of you wearing the small classic from further away (like your shot of the medium), so I can get an idea of the scale? Also, how do you think the two sizes compare? Would you say they are very different, or similar? And can you fit a lot less in the small than in the medium? Thanks!
  12. Wow, fieryfashionist, your rose patent flap is stunning:drool::girlsigh: I love it!