Picture of the Extra Large Courier

  1. Happened to look at Aloha Rag's website (www.aloharag.com), and noticed that they have some of the new EXTRA Courier bags in stock.

    Has anyone seen a picture of this bag?!?! Gosh ... the Courier that I have right now (which is NOT the 'Extra'), isn't SMALL by any means! I can just imagine ...
  2. Hi Ceejay: I just bought an Ink Courier this morning, and asked about the EXTRA LARGE, it only comes in one size so maybe they just noted
    that it was BIG, because it is BIG! lol :biggrin: I am loving it! What color do you have?
  3. I got the PDF from Aloha Rag the other day. It had pictures of them both and the measurements which I've pasted into the reply. The pictures didn't come over.

    Item Number: ​

    $1095 USD
    (h)15.5in x (w)22.5in x (d)8in / Strap Length 20.5-24in (adjustable)​
    encre (ink) bleuet (blue) emeraude (dark green)
    Item Number: ​

    $1185 USD
    (h)17in x (w)26in x (d)10in / Strap Length 21-24in (adjustable)
    noir (black) ​
    origan (olive)
  4. Thanks ... I sent Aloha Rag an email too, so I finally saw the picture; it's kind of hard to tell the size difference. However, the "regular" Courier is large to begin with ... I can just imagine the EXTRA!! :amazed:
  5. Wow no kidding! :amazed: I'm surprised Barney's didn't know the extra existed, that must be the BIGGEST bag ever. I was surprised at how
    big the Courier is, but I love it! :biggrin:
  6. BTW thanks for checking and clearing up the mystery!