*PICS* Spring 07's Patchwork Venetia

  1. SOFT CALF Venetia remains the same.
  2. (source: marcjacobs.com)
    PATCHWORK Venetia in Ivory

  3. (source: marcjacobs.com)
    PATCHWORK METALLIC Venetia in Silver


    NOTE: official site lists the wrong style number for this item.
  4. It sounds nice but the pics don't show up :shrugs:
    I'll go and check the marc jacobs site
  5. Bag.lover I am so glad you posted this information; I called MJB in San Francisco, spoke to a real nice SA, but he didn't know what additional colors either venetia (softcalf or patchwork) came in. I just let him put me on the list for the ivory patchwork, thanks!
  6. Hmmm....I don't know how I feel about this Venetia. I'm sure my constant re-viewing of the thread will make me fall in LOVE with it!
  7. These are from Spring 2007, they won't be in stores until the beginning of next year. Stores are currently getting Resort 2006 items. =)

    I got the style numbers and colors from Marc Jacobs' Look Book for Spring 2007 so the information is correct. =)
  8. I like it.
  9. Here you go. =)
    PATCHWORK Venetia in Ivory & PATCHWORK METALLIC Venetia in Silver
    patchwork_venetia.jpg patchwork_metallic_venetia.jpg
  10. I really like the new venetia.
  11. i'll stick to the traditional looking Venetias. These look too "outerspace" to me, not exactly my cup of tea.
  12. Mmm just not loving the new patch work look...:shrugs:
  13. I agree...sort of a Back to the Future III vibe, I prefer the classic "soft calf" MJ style. The colors are pretty though!
  14. Me too. =)
  15. Pretty nice, but not sure I'd buy one. Too many other things on my wish list ahead of these.