Pics Only!post Pics Of Your Mj Watches And Jewelry Here!

  1. Please use this to post all your pics of your MJ Jewelry and Watches,Please try to list style name...cost..where purchased too..TIA!

  2. MJ Special Items Dice Necklace $6
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Snap Strap" watch in green. $225

  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Pendant Watch
    in Red
    IMG_2430 small watermark.jpg
  5. style: marc by marc jacobs open apple watch pendant
    price: $150
    purchased: nyc mbmj boutique


  6. mbmj cherry watch pendant
    $150/£115, but got it for £64 off eBay

  7. Purchased at MBMJ in NYC. Price.. I can't remember!

  8. MBMJ Pendant Bauble watch
    Bracelet Star 149 € regular price, got it from eBay for 100 €
    Necklace Golden Pear 139 $ from MJ Store Boston (special price)
    Necklace Yellow Pear 129 € from a jewelery shop in Munich (regular price)
    IMG_7791.JPG IMG_7794.JPG
  9. gold pear purchased at mbmj in nyc.

  10. MJ special items - 10-20$.
    All from the MJ store on Boston - the big star bought by myself. The other are gifts from my BF.
    IMG_7801.JPG IMG_7802.JPG IMG_7803.JPG IMG_7804.JPG IMG_7805.JPG
  11. All purchased from the fossil outlet stores (of all places!) for $29 and $39.99
  12. MBMJ Chorito/Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace
    Purchased at the MBMJ store on Bleeker in NYC
    Paid: $50


  13. [​IMG]
    red apple watch
    black mouse watch

    39.99 each at outlet mall
  14. MbMJ House of Harem Rings
  15. I love Miss Marc :sunnies
    3.jpg 24-02-2010, acc1.jpg tøj2.jpg Acc1.jpg