Pics Of Your MJ Watches And Jewelry Here! Photos Only

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    Please use this to post all your pics of your MJ Jewelry and Watches. Please try to list style, name, cost...where purchased too.

    NO comments/questions PLEASE!
  2. MJ Special Items Dice Necklace $6
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Snap Strap" watch in green. $225

  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart Pendant Watch
    in Red
    IMG_2430 small watermark.jpg
  5. style: marc by marc jacobs open apple watch pendant
    price: $150
    purchased: nyc mbmj boutique


  6. mbmj cherry watch pendant
    $150/£115, but got it for £64 off eBay

  7. Purchased at MBMJ in NYC. Price.. I can't remember!

  8. MBMJ Pendant Bauble watch
    Bracelet Star 149 € regular price, got it from eBay for 100 €
    Necklace Golden Pear 139 $ from MJ Store Boston (special price)
    Necklace Yellow Pear 129 € from a jewelery shop in Munich (regular price)
    IMG_7791.JPG IMG_7794.JPG
  9. gold pear purchased at mbmj in nyc.

  10. MJ special items - 10-20$.
    All from the MJ store on Boston - the big star bought by myself. The other are gifts from my BF.
    IMG_7801.JPG IMG_7802.JPG IMG_7803.JPG IMG_7804.JPG IMG_7805.JPG
  11. All purchased from the fossil outlet stores (of all places!) for $29 and $39.99
  12. MBMJ Chorito/Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace
    Purchased at the MBMJ store on Bleeker in NYC
    Paid: $50


  13. [​IMG]
    red apple watch
    black mouse watch

    39.99 each at outlet mall
  14. MbMJ House of Harem Rings
  15. I love Miss Marc :sunnies
    3.jpg 24-02-2010, acc1.jpg tøj2.jpg Acc1.jpg