Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. I’m on a ban, but dreaming of a neonoe.... thus noe comes out to play!

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  2. Makes me want to use my papillon mono papillon again. But it's the older model with the shorter straps. I will probably use the reverse strap from my PM to turn it into a crossbody. Another reason I justified buying the PM. Ha.
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  3. Yay! Black/gold travel set complete:heart: RenderedImage-4.jpg RenderedImage-3.jpg
  4. Thank you!!!
  5. I love this!

    I think I bought the entire collection and can’t remember using any of the
    Lol one of these days I’ll have to sell them to a good home.

    Seeing this makes me wanna take my mini pochette out!
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  6. That’s amazing! It’s such a pretty line, and really perfect for Summer! I alternate between this mini pochette and my monogram one. It’s actually cute as a wrist clutch.
  7. I love your Dentelle wallet!
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  8. My vachetta-free monogram Papillon 26. Some would consider this vintage! ;)

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  9. What year is it? And do you mind sharing a pic of the inside? I love mine but could never figure out how to prevent everything from sliding around. Drove me crazy.
  10. Thank you karman! You look fabulous, love your whole outfit!:loveeyes:
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  11. I think 2001. The date code is beside the end of the zipper and very difficult to see. Here’s a pic of the inside from the same bag on Yoogis


    I carry enough things inside that nothing really slides around.

    Thank you! :heart:
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  12. I love that strap! What is it called?
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  13. Fits just enough and easy enough to carry to a show :smile:

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