Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. my mom sent me this from her outing today with her friends.. her evasion mini pochette she got on mother's day 20160617_131957.jpg
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  2. My beloved Sperone Azur backpack relaxing next to me on a tender boat back to the cruise ship in Mykonos, Greece. I purchased the bag at Athens a few days prior to my arrival to Mykonos!

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  3. At work today.
  4. Out with the lovely miss Montaigne today [emoji4] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466240779.572585.jpg
  5. image.jpeg Running Saturday errands! TP26 and all stars!
  6. Celebrating my husband's 30th birthday :smile:[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Pink Oh Really pumps

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  8. Use my twice today
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  9. This bag looks so great on you with your nails and your shoes... Your outfit fits perfectly to the twice :smile:
  10. At biltmore estates in Asheville NC

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  11. you look great! is that the bb??
  12. Yes it is!!! I totally love that this bag is carefree...
  13. You look great and your shoes are super cute! May I ask which brand they are?
  14. Great picture, you, your bag, and the view are beautiful
  15. That bag is stunning!!![emoji7]
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