Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. This is the only LV I was carrying at the time so I snapped it. :P

    LV Taiga Agenda MM on the National Mall for Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

    Washington Monument

    US Capitol

    Cherry Blossoms on the Mall
  2. ^ Love the MM Agenda, I have it in Epi and it's the perfect size to me!!! :tup:
    That cherry blossoms view is really stunning!!
  3. last week was it sunny so i took this picture


  4. ^^ Love the "grafiiti-handles".. ;)
  5. Deborah - all your pictures make me really want those bandanas!!
  6. howardu09 - I've always wanted to go see the cherry blossoms at D.C.! It looks so very beautiful. Ditto with the Epi agenda!
  7. Ooooh a fresh thread!

    howardu09 - I wish I could've seen you there! Aren't the blossoms just gorgeous right now?

    Deborah1986 - Love how you wrapped your handles!
  8. Deborah- Your speedy looks great with the graffiti tied on the handles..Good idea.

    Thanks Martina. I love the epi agenda too. They last forever. :yes:

    - Love your avatar & yes the blossoms are beautiful...I love to see them every year.

    petitemn- Thanks!! You should come next year- its loads of fun, especially if you don't live here. There's tons of FREE entertainment in DC.
  9. howardu09- awesome pics!! so lucky you got to attend the cherry blossom festival in DC!! the cherry blossoms look gorgeous

    deborah1986 - love all that orange, very bright and sunny!! :sunshine: and i love the idea of wrapping the scarf around the handle!!!
  10. Mitchell ~ love the cherry blossom pics and your agenda is HOT!

    Deborah ~ what a great idea for your Speedy! Great pics!
  11. I LOVE my Saumur... although some people think it looks like an "old-fashion" bag, but I always feel young with her!:lol:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  12. the-chus she looks great on you! :tup:
  13. Thanks Angelbaby! ^^
  14. And one for my beloved Neverfull MM...:P


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Not open for further replies.