Pics Of Your CHANEL In Action!

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  1. Great look with porto! :biggrin:
  2. P&P, you look sexy with that vintage! :winkiss:

  3. Love this action pic!!! Who makes this toga dress? I have a soft spot for toga dresses!!
  4. I am missing outfits from you Chris!!! This is so chic and I love grey on ya!! The porto is TDF!!:nuts::p
  5. very hot babe!! I love the cutting of the dress and you are gorgeous!
  6. me today:smile: thanks for letting me share...teehee

  7. Thank you , Cari 284 , yes, it was chiffon pants and ruffle tops, so I figured that I should have sth. pop out ! and you looked nice also...
  8. Hi Stefeilnately ! is that blush flap ? Wow, i like how you put those print stroke top underneath- it is a fun look, but elegant still , agree ?

    BTW, my white flap is caviar GH. I keep it so clean with every wear !
  9. I am glad i brought out my white flap 2 times in the past 2 events ( one on Tues, and other was last week- it was my son's Confirmation at church).

    I posted on Mommy Looking Good thread, so ...may I ? I am surprise it how classic Chanel even go well with Traditional dress.

    Enjoy, Girls!


  10. ^^^amazed at how easy it is to match the white flap! You look stunning! Which year is yr white flap from? Is it recent?

    Mine's not is dark white...a beigey taupe tone:smile:
  11. Stef ! I had it on Spring 2008 , I like taupe color too. but my skin won't go well with beige flap, I can wear champaign only!
  12. I see...white is nice!!
  13. Ohhh the lovely ladies with the white flap, i wanna join the club, it's an old photo taken at orange hills
  14. ^^^ look gorgeous! Love how u put yr outfits together Bevy!!
  15. Awww stef thanks!! U are our outfit inspiration here :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.