Pics of you with Baby Groovee, please!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've been eyeing on MJ's Classic Q Baby Groovee Satchel but I haven's seen it with models carrying on their shoulders. Does anyone know if this mini satchel works as a shoulder bag too? It says the handle strap is 7" on the item description that I found online, so there should be a little room for your shoulder, but I want to see how any of you who purchase these cute little bags carry around. Any comments & your pics with the bags are appreciated!


  2. I've been scanning the net looking for some pics with a person with this bag on their shoulder. No luck so far. It's a nice bag. I think it is more of a medium size bag. Good luck.
  3. the baby groove was too small for me

  4. 2nd that also
  5. Thank you so much for all the comments & links. I prefer shoulder/hobo bag but I still like this satchel and I'm more excited about getting one now. :P
  6. I agree with jun3machina and annie1 about size. IDK if the drop handles vary w season, but I have the classic q baby groovee in steel & although I love her shape/silhouette, she is too small for me. On the suggestion of another TPF'er, I looked at the classic q baby aidan. I purch'd one in steel and have to say I loooove her! I've worn her everyday for the past 2 weeks! But, still being in loove w the shape of the groovee satchel, I ordered the regular sized one from Nordies to compare to the baby....I'll let you know what I think when she arrives! :smile: I hope I can take a side by side picture of both n post so you can see size difference!
  7. Jun3machina-I forgot to mention that your thread "callin all you groovee-y ladies" is a wonderful resource! I never would have found it if Lilahbelle didn't mention it! I think it should be added to the MBMJ reference library! I wish I would have seen all those pics along w the pros & cons prior to me ordering the full sized groovee satchel from Nordies! Is there any way you can add your thread to the library? That would be awesome! Thanks!
  8. probably....we'd have to PM dawn. i dont know the rules about making threads stickys in the reference sections....i think mainly they prefer threads without a bunch of chat in them. and that thread has quite a bit of chat. but we could probably put pictures in the MBMJ section in a 'groovee' thread or something
  9. PERFECT all i can say about it. i LOVE it soooo much. i'm 5'4'' and quite petite so the size is not the problem for me at all :biggrin:
  10. I am looking for the perfect bag under $500, a contemporary brand like Michael by Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs. I really like the Hamilton by Michael or the Groove by Marc but the Hamilton seems like the sizes are too small or too big for me and the Groove has some photos that make it seems perfect, but others that it looks so crinkly and sloppy. I want a modern chic handbag in a medium size (black) any suggestions>?