Pics of Patchwork Bags (Speedy especially)

  1. I know I am really late on this. I have been reading everyone talk about it for a few weeks now. But I never paid attention b-cuz I didnt care for the pics at the time.

    Well now that I saw the lookbook today I'm thinking that I like the speedy.

    Can you all post pics? I did a search but no pics came up.

    Please help

  2. i think there is a thread that has all of this somewhere..
  3. Hope this helps ;) Am wait lisiting (I think along w/ the rest of the world...or tPFers).
  4. Here is my Mono speedy 30, cerises speedy and damier speedy 30. I:heart: speedies!!
    DSC03906.JPG DSC04090.JPG

  5. That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

    Does anyone have a larger pic of it thoug?
  6. are u thinking about these pictures:

    I am very bad at attaching pictures! hope this turn out ok! these pictures are from one of the threads here but I cant find the thread.
    Slide1.JPG Slide2.JPG
  7. The handles on the last one look like bunny ears... :lol:
  8. they look like beggar's offense to anyone....but i really like them....unique!!!!

  9. Thanks!!
    Now I all I need is to see the Speedy close up. That bowling looking bag is actually kinda growing on me. LOL
  10. Ok I've offically decided that I want both the bowly and the speedy. But I like them both better in grey. I was thinking I should switch it up a little and get one in blue and the other in grey but I dunno
  11. Bowly[​IMG]
  12. sorry not a fan...handles everything yikeees

  13. Speedy[​IMG]
  14. :s
  15. Eh I dunno if I like the patchwork bags.