Pics of Paige- Antique Rose Python

  1. hi everyone - there have been some requests to see the Python embossed leather IRL so I thought I'd post some pics of the Paige I just received from revolve.

    In the 2nd pic, you can see a bit of the 'distressed' look of the leather. Along the right edge of the front pouch, ou can see the leather is a bit lighter. I agree that some of the pics I've seen make it look darker than it is IRL. The color is really neat - a nice rosy brown that has a vintage vibe.

    The big question is: does it stay or should I sent it back? I love the shape, but also love the HH satchels (Suki, Beatrice) and those leathers are so grope-able it's insane.
    IMG_0703.JPG IMG_0704.JPG
  2.'s not doing it for me. Either the color or the texture doesn't appeal to me.

    You want grope-able leather. Promise me you look at Gustto before you get an HH. I had HH bags. They are very nice but the leather is a 3 and a Gusttos a 10 on the grope score.


  3. lexie - thanks a million for the input. and i will definitely do my homework on Gustto - i had avoided them a bit b/c many seem to be super studded/grommetted, and i veer towards the ladylike as opposed to the rocker feel. But if they are a 10 as compared to HH's 3 on the grope scale, I may be ejected from the retail premises for lewd behavior ;)

    thanks for the reply - very much respect your opinion!
  4. I love Koobas, of which I have a mere four. However, the shape of the Paige does not appeal to me nor does the embossed python leather. The color is not bad but to me does not go with the bag. I had a black one for a short amount of time before I sent it was way too large and heavy for me. Sorry, but this bag is one that I would definitely pass on.
  5. hi ciatta- it's funny you mentioned that b/c the weight of the bag was the first thing i noticed when i opened the box. it is reallllly heavy for not having much hardware, and a it's a definite drawback. I have a Sienna in Cognac (smooth leather) that is like a feather by comparison.

    Thanks so much for your input, I'm feeling more assured about returning it now!
  6. ^I agree with ciatta... I think I'd like the python Paige better in another color. Just don't think that the style/color/pattern jives as well as other Koobas.

    Oh, and BTW, I think that "Grope Scale" is my new favorite phrase! It sounds so funny...
  7. Thanks for your input! This forum is sooooo helpful! i have a bunch of girlfriends who will wait in the pouring rain for clothing sample sales and debut collections, but no real "bag-heads." Having your advice is a lifesaver! :flowers:
  8. I love the Paige style, but in a different leather. I don't care for anything python or snakey in any shape or form.

    But I was just drooling over a black Paige in the distressed leather on eBay, in that it's gorgeous.
  9. I love the color, and the paige is such a great workhorse as my primary work bag... and then still looks great with just a couple things tossed in (it gets really thin --love it!)... but snake is icky! May I ask what color the lining is?