*PICS* of new Hobo compared to Day and City

  1. I'm sad I sent my aqua Day back to exchange for a Twiggy because the aqua Twiggys in the last shipment don't have nice leather like my Day. I learned my lesson. If you get a fabulous color with fabulous leather, keep it!
    Here is a picture Daphne sent to compare the size of the new Hobo to the City and the Day. She also attached another picture of an anthrcaite City. Here is what she said in her email.

    The Anthracite is really beautiful. The Aquamarine Twiggy leather is NOT as pretty as the Day bag was. The Sandstone Citys are gorgeous and there are many with beautiful leather....The Hobo is totally comfortable on the shoulder...I like it better than the day bag in a practicality sense.....I took a picture of the three styles side byside....No Sandstone Giant Hobos yet.....Only Sandstone Citys.....

    now is it just my monitor or does this picture of Antrhacite look like a very dark aqua? Strange color. Look at the leather on that City. It looks really smooshy to me.


  2. PowderPuff, you rock! I am so happy you are posting pictures of the new shipments and colors. So, from the above picture, I do like anthracite. Now, I can't decide whether to order it or wait...these decisions are becoming very stressful!!
  3. Great photos - thanks for posting them. The anthracite leather on that city looks amazing. Hmm not sure how I feel about the new hobo ...
  4. :smile:


    You should seriously get a commission for all the work you do for us!!! Thanks!

    Anthracite is such a confusing and frustrating color. At first I thought it would be grey but it seems very blue and yet every time I see a picture it looks different!

    It almost looks like a good blue like "good with denim blue". Does anyone else see this?
  5. Awesome pictures! From what I can guess, the anthracite seems to be like ink - only instead of navy/purple undertones, it has turquoise undertones - and just a tad bit more black.

    I'm not a fan of the new hobo. I've just never cared for crescent shaped bags.
  6. Oh and the DAY seems like a "chic, hip, casual" hobo yet the HOBO seems like more of a "matronly hobo". Does that make sense?
  7. LOVE that antracite city, and think I like the new hobo w/GH, too! Thanks for posting pics, powder!
  8. I can't figure out what anthracite looks like, it looks so different from pic to pic. But this pic of the city seems like it might be closest to the true color. If I wanted anthracite I think I would really have to go pic one out myself.

    Thing is, I have a black City, wouldn't an anth City look too similar, especially at night.
  9. I like the hobo bag, but if it had regular hardware. Thanks Powder, I was curious how big the hobo was compared to the city. I am confused by anthracite also. It always looks so different in all the photos.
  10. Thank you! I'm sort of wanting my aqua Day back, too, but I think there will be more good leathers in aqua. I also think no hobo for me.
  11. Lovely pictures, thanks :smile:
  12. I like the look of the hobo. Does it come with regular hdwr? And that city looks like it rocks!
  13. Thanks for posting PowderPuff, awesome pix.!!!
  14. Thanks for the great pictures! :yes:
  15. I think Daphne told me the new hobo was only coming with GH, but then I only asked if she was getting it there.