Pics of New Bags from Resort Collection

  1. found these pics on
    looks like some new bag styles in the works for resort...


    looks like the first few are variations on the new lune style, while the black one is a moto style with a rope drawstring...
    the last bag could also be a lune style in a mustard/marigold shade...
  2. Thank you for posting!!

    I am loving ALL of it, especially the SHOES :drool:
  3. I was told that you could wear this bag as a backpack!

  4. I think that I like the clothes more than the bags. I need to lose some weight so that I can fit into these outfits!
  5. wowee!
  6. Co-sign :tup:
  7. I guess GH isn't going anywhere. I'm really quite excited to see the S/S '09 runway show... I really love these clothes, but I am not really thrilled with any of those bags. It's okay - I can really only afford to love the moto bags.
  8. These styles of Bbags are not really doing anything for me...BUT the COLORS are amazing. Love the shades of gray, blue, red, yellow, and green on the clothes.
  9. here here!:drinkup:
  10. Ditto ditto... :true:
  11. I'm with you on the weight thing.
  12. Me three! LoL.

    That *must* be the marigold color! If so, I find that very encouraging!! :tup:
  13. kimair : thanks for sharing the pics....the backpack bag looks cute....:smile:
  14. i like the first one.

    t4p! ;)
  15. My mother has such glasses. THey are from the second half of the 70s, seems like Bal is trying to bring them back. Yay!