***PICS*** of my very first MC in Black---THE URSULA!!!!!!

  1. No debate on this bag- it's mine to keep and I'm so happy with my purchase!!! The bag is big, but I'm not a skinny minnie so it fits my frame!!! I have big arms and it fits nicely under my arm~!!! OMG! I'm so friggen happy--- no more buy/sell/return for a while b/c I'm content finally with my Ursula and Azur Speedy 30!!! :yahoo: Excuse the dirty mirror--- and say hi to my cocker spaniel Macy- I just noticed she in the pic with me~~~~ I'M SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!
    Picture 017.jpg Picture 018.jpg Picture 019.jpg Picture 021.jpg Picture 022.jpg
  2. cute congrats!!!
  3. It is beautiful and btw you do not have big arms!
  4. The Ursula is sooo flippen HOT!
  5. congrats!!! before I never liked the Ursula until a few days ago I played with it the 2nd time and I just LOVE it now! It's a gorgeous bag and looks great on ya! congrats again! :biggrin:
  6. Cute congrats!
  7. I LVOE it !
  8. I'M SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :dothewave: :wlae:
  9. :woohoo: :yahoo: :nuts: great bag!!!!
  10. congrats, glad you love it!!
  11. congrats. great bags.
  12. the ursula is so pretty! i didn't think much of it when i saw it in the store but i'm liking it more from your pics now. :smile: congrats!!
  13. love the bag and love your dog.
    iv got a cocker spaniel too but shes fat and old and tends to walk into things
  14. AND IT'S MADE IN FRANCE!!!! (wouldn't have mattered if it was made in USA) just an awesome little detail!!

    But I can't find the datecode!!! anywhere?!!?!
  15. wow I love that bag! Every pic I see of it, I start wanting it more and more...uhoh!