Pic's of my shoes, let's see yours!

  1. [​IMG]Here you go fellow shoe lovers! Let's see yours! Here's some of my heel collection:heart:
  2. whoa, i love them all, especially the DIOR. :P Nice collection!
  3. You have great taste! I love your style :smile: The MC mules are my favorite :graucho:

    I would take a picture of my collection (though it pales in comparison!), but most of them are packed away, and I'm waiting for 3 new pairs to arrive :shame:
  4. wow, gorgeous collection!
  5. the first pair the third row from the top , are they hard to walk in or are the speical occassion :graucho:

    And great collection
  6. Oh my goodness! Look at those black platform heels to the left! You must be the walking-in-heels master! I would share pictures with you all, but I only own like 3 pairs of heels and nothing designer :shame:
  7. love your collection!!
  8. Those must be the HO shoes you are pointing out:roflmfao: I did wear them out when I was young, free and single, now as a SAHM, they are just for dirty weekends with DH! I have them in silver too, he would be bummed if I ever got rid of them. Ladies, if you ever want to feel sexy in the bedroom, they make your legs and butt look great!!! Instant butt lift!
  9. That is a nice collection!! =)
  10. How come no one else posted pictures?
  11. The ones at the very bottom are crazy! :smile:

    Great collection!
  12. The ones at the bottom are the DIOR bondage shoes in python 2003. I LOVE them!
    Anyone else gonna post pics?
  13. Wheres yeuxhonnetes? She has a great shoe collection too! Come here honey and post your pictures!
  14. omg you are my hero. :heart::heart::heart::heart: