Pics of my new 2nd gen OP Portatelefono

  1. I just got my new OP Portatelefono the other day! I got it from the Seattle outlet and it arrived on Wednesday. It's cute! Please help me welcome it into my small but quickly growing tokidoki family :smile:



  2. cute!!! =)
  3. oooh nakobear .. it's cuuute :biggrin: congrats!!!
  4. That's so cute!! I'm gonna have to get a portatelefono someday... I need a case for my DS Lite!! :yes:
  5. cute..congrats!
  6. Oh no! Don't tell me it can hold a DS Lite!! I'm in trouble now.... I wonder what print I should get?! ;)
  7. cute. I need a portatelefono for my DS lite too. I usually just put in my bag without any protection.
  8. OOOHH nice! I ordered a OP canguro from them yesterday. cant wait!:drool:
  9. oh yes it can hold the ds lite! get it! portas are awesome!
  10. Yup, the portas are awesome cuz the front mesh pocket can carry ur extra game or memory cards! It fits great!
  11. nice!
  12. Oh! What a great idea...I didn't even think about that. Now my DS will have a new home and I don't have to worry about misplacing my games in my purse!
  13. Congrats on your new portatelefono =) I love the original print! I want one to!!
  14. It's cute! I'd love a porta for my DS lite also... but really don't want to get one not on sale :nogood: Getting your fav chars on there is difficult too :p
  15. Mm, get something cute where you won't have to worry about print placement too much... like famiglia! Wow, that's a great idea... maybe I'll steal it... :graucho: :p