Pics of my 3 new impulse purchases!

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  1. I was on vacation in Hawaii last week, and I don't know what came over me, but I went LV crazy. Maybe it was the 10% savings!

    I hadn't seen the Irene in person before, but I wasn't crazy about it in pictures. Even in the store, I wasn't going to try it on, but my husband thought it was nice, so I did, and... wow! This bag is hot! Pictures do not do it justice... it is fab. :nuts: You have to try it on!

    So, here are my new bags (pics aren't the best... sorry!):


  2. ohhhhh...congrats!!!!
  3. LOVE them!!! great taste.
  4. congrats!! lovely purchases...
  5. Wow! It's ok to go a little crazy every now and then. I'm sure glad you did 'cuz I get to drool over your purchase that I can't afford right now, haha.
    The Irene sure is lovely and unique...I especially love the Galliera though--it's my new HG bag.
  6. Nice. Congrats!
  7. Congrats! What a great haul.
  8. congrats on your beauties!
  9. Congrats - fabulous new purchases ! :yes:
  10. very nice! congrats!!
  11. nice!! i love the galleria!
  12. Niiiice... excellent choices! I love the Irene!
  13. WOW!!! Awesome haul! Congrats! The irene is hot hot hot!
  14. Vewy nice!! Congrats
  15. AMAZING!!!!! Congrats!!!