Pics of Mummy and Baby Mabel

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  1. Your two bags look fantastic together, what a great collection. I think the charm looks great, really suits the bag, congrats!
  2. More bags :P...I love looking through your albums, and looking at all your fab bags !!

    Keyring looks lovely xx
  3. Perfect, Rachiem - gorgeous collection,
  4. they both look breat on you xx
  5. Beautiful Mabels! And those shoes :drool::drool:...
  6. Wooooow Lovely! Both looks great on you.
    It's almost a shame that you can't take both out "together" somehow!
  7. I always think that when someone shows off their beautiful Darwin bags!
  8. Ooh little mabel is lovely! Pebble is such a good colour, really growing on me :smile:
  9. Rachie, those bags look fabulous on you! I think the colour really suits you as well!

    The Mabel shoulder bag is so cute and I love the shape of it. I feel a bad case of bag lust coming on.........
  10. Klp I got the baby Mabel in Boros half price at £145.
    I think it's going to be a really handy little bag.
  11. Love the little Mabel and what a great bargain!

    I think your charm is very elegant and not too blingy at all.
  12. They both look lovely on you and the charm is a perfect match for the bag IMO. Great choices :tup:
  13. Very nice indeed, personally I like the charm and don't think it looks blingy.
  14. thanks for the comments guys.
    The bags are so lightweight. I'm sooooo glad I changed my mind and went for the Pebble.
    I can't get it out of the wardrobe yet, as hubby is yet to find out!
    Although it was from vouchers....5 bags in 6 weeks is pushing the boat somewhat!