Pics of me and my medium anthracite Muse!

  1. I've been asked a few times to post pics of my medium anthracite Muse, which I got about 1-2 months ago from I :heart: this purse! It is versatile, roomy, and elegant with a slight edge due to the metallic color. I must say I love the's a muted pewter and is not at all shiny. The flash from my camera makes it look shiny but it is actually quite subtle in real life. The hardware is interesting because it's not quite a true yellow gold, and not quite silver. I describe it as being similar to 10k yellow gold.

    FYI, I'm 5'2".

    Enjoy! :P
    close-up piano.JPG museonbed.JPG museonme.JPG museonme2.JPG
  2. I love this color. It's really beautiful!
  3. thanks for posting pics KristyDarling! the medium looks great on you. =D
  4. Looks gorgeous on you!
  5. Nice bag! Always good to hear from happy fellow-Muse owners!!!
  6. i love the color and it looks great on you!!
  7. Kristy, you look fab with medium muse! Congrats! =)
  8. That's a perfect size for you, it looks great on you. The anthracite in it gives it some edge to it too (hot color for fall). Thank you for posting the pics.
  9. Saw that Muse at NM a couple of times & I try to stay away because it is So beautiful... I actually like it better than any others I've seen (haven't had the good fortune to see IRL the red or the patents) but the anthracite medium is GORGEOUS... so subtle and rich.. the hardware was nicest on that colour too. Just don't need to buy another bag right now! Looks Super on you!!
  10. looks very good on you! :biggrin:
  11. wow, you're rockin' that bag KristyDarling, congratulations on her :rochard:

    p.s. i'm 5'2 also, so it's cool to see how it will look on me!!!
  12. I'm also a member of the 5'2" club and also just got this bag in medium anthracite. I agree--it looks great on you! (On me too, I hope, haha!) YSL just has great leather.
  13. You look great! I'm 5'2 as well.
  14. WOW!!! love that bag!
  15. Very cute! You look great with it!