Pics of Epi Leather Bag

  1. Does anyone have pics of their own epi leather pochette to share? I just got mine from eluxury and I was wondering what it looked like where the strap attaches to the side of the bag because mine differs from the pics that ppl put up on eBay. Did they update the bag or something? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can you possibly post pics of the part of your bag that you're talking about?
  3. Could be your comparing to fakes on eBay...??? Update is entirely possible though.
  4. if i guessing right about what you're asking, they did indeed update the pochette design. i have an old pochette from 1997/8 (?) and the strap is connected to the zipper pull tab itself whereas the new design, the bag is connected to a hook/d-ring on the side of the bag. i just took my pochette in to repair (old red epi) and compared it to the new red epi one. while we were looking at it, my SA and i both noticed how it's a modified design now. the new design makes the bag carry better instead of it accidentally opening the zipper pull.

    hope this makes sense.
  5. Ok, thanks guys. The pictures that everyone put up on eBay and on eluxury, the strap is removable and in all the pictures the strap was set the same way so I was wondering why mine was backwards so I guess I got a return or something and that person switched the strap.
  6. What do you mean by that? Is your strap totally removable? If it's backwards (set differently than in other pics) there isn't necessarily a problem with it...
  7. Yes, LV updated the epi pochette around the same time they changed the hardware to silvertone. The attachment is now on the side of the bag.
    The ones you are seeing on Ebay are likely the older models.