Pics of Dylan Shoulder Bag!!!

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  1. Just a few pics of my new Dylan Shoulder Bag. It's an early birthday gift to myself!:P

    Dylan Leather Shoulder Bag Style #15435 $598 QB/SV
  2. OMG Cuz that heffa rocks
  3. [​IMG]

    The lining is pretty boring.

    And my store modeling pic
  4. WOWZA! Love it!
  5. interesting. have not seen this bag yet. cool looking!
  6. like the size, looks great on you.
  7. lol "heffa" - did you mean hella or is it heffa because it is leather?

    i love these new bags with the whipstitch detailing. congrats she is gorgeous!
  8. Yo Cuz. you PLAY NO GAMES - you get the hotties all the time
  9. Oh cute bag! Can you undo the strap and make it cross body? What other colors are available? Did you buy in store or order it? Thanks.
  10. Where would I be without you enabling me???!!!:ghi5:
  11. Thanks! Yes you can wear it crossbody. It also comes in black, brown & purple (but I don't know if the purple is available yet). My store just happened to be unpacking boxes for the new floorset when I went in last night. If your store doesn't have it, JAX does.
  12. WOW! I love it!!! Looks fantastic on you too! Congrats!
  13. lovely bag! looks great on you!
  14. That's a totally gorgeous bag! Love the sparkle a lot :yes: Congratz and happy early birthday :biggrin:
  15. GORGEOUS!! I love the whipstitch detail, the color, the hardware....the everything!! Enjoy!!